• Pankaja B S Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Alliance College of Engineering and Design, Bangalore-562106, India
  • Kiran Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, East West Institute of Technology, Bangalore-560091, India
Keywords: Coarse Aggregates, Fine Aggregates (M- Sand), Glass Fibre, And Ordinary Portland Cement, Woven Biaxial Geogrids, Slump Test, Compressive Strength Test


Most widely recognized material in the present world is Concrete due its durability, and strength aspects. Hence by using different additives like Glass fibre and woven biaxial Geogrid the compressive strength test is carried out for M30 and M40 grade of concrete to improve the performance of concrete. The main aim of the present study is to analyze the compressive strength of concrete, when concrete is mixed with glass fiber and Geogrid, to meet the demands of the modern construction. The addition of Glass fibre into concrete increases the compressive strength of concrete than Geogrid concrete. Tests are conducted by using glass fibre and Geogrid. For 1 m3 of concrete 612grams of glass fibre for M30 grade of concrete and for M40 grade of concrete 697 grams of glass fibre for 1m3 of concrete are used. Geogrids are placed at 2 layers (50mm interval each) in a 150*150mm cube in both M30 and M40 grade of concrete.


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B S, P., & Kiran. (2018). COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH COMPARISON OF CONTROL SPECIMEN WITH GLASS FIBRE REINFORCED CONCRETE AND GEOGRID FIBRE REREINFORCED CONCRETE . International Journal of Engineering Technologies and Management Research, 5(6), 120-127.