• Agus Jamaludin
  • Toto Widiarto
  • Juni Mashita
Keywords: Analysis of PT KAI's Financial Statements


This research was obtained from the report of the Indonesia Railway Corporation's Balance
Sheet and Profit in 2018, then the title is: Analysis of the Financial Statements of PT. Railroad
Indonesia. The aim is to find out the performance of PT Kereta Api Indonesia in terms of
liquidity, solvency, activities and profitability. The research method is Library Research by
exposing existing data in the form of Balance Sheet and Income reports via the internet where
the data are in the form of quantitative data and in the form of descriptive. Financial statement
analysis is performed to determine the company's financial performance, can also be used as a
reference in making decisions that affect the company's future. The result is that liquidity:
current ratio = 1.336, Quick ratio =, cash ratio = 0.543 and working capital =
0.077. The solvability is: total debt to equity ratio = 2.63, total debt to total asset ratio = 0.625,
long term to total asset ratio = 1.66, Tangible Asset dept coverage = 1.94, Time interest earned
Ratio = 0.064. Its activities are: Total asset turnover = 0.256, accounts receivable turnover =
2.67, accounts receivable collection period = 134.78, inventory turnover = 0, fixed assets
turnover = 0.370. While the profitability are: Gross profit Margin = 1, Net Profit Margin =
0.099, operational profit Margin = 0.141, Return on Investment = 0.020 and return on equity =


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Jamaludin, A., Widiarto, T., & Mashita, J. (2019). ANALYSIS OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS PT KERETA API INDONESIA (Persero). International Journal of Engineering Technologies and Management Research, 6(9), 92-98.