• Nahason Sitohang STIE YPBI Jakarta
Keywords: Work Environment, Employee Performance


This research was conducted at PT Dwigunatama Bekasi, Indonesia, with the title "The
influence of the work environment on employee performance at PT Dwigunatama Bekasi,
Indonesia". The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of the work environment on
employee performance at PT Gunatama Bekasi, and how big its influence. The research method
used is the field reserch and librarary reserch method with a correlational approach where in
the process of collecting data a direct observation is conducted on the company in the form of
observation and questionnaire distribution. work environment is anything that is around
employees and that can affect employees. Employee Performance is the spirit of work that is the
desire and sincerity of someone doing a good job and being disciplined to achieve maximum
work performance. The linear regression test is y = 2.55 + 0.93 X and the correlation test is 0.90
which means that the effect is quite strong. Test the coefficient of determination of 81% and the
remaining 79.03% is influenced by other factors. The hypothesis test is t arithmetic 14.51 and t
table 2.010 means t arithmetic> from t table then Ho is rejected and Ha is accepted which means
there is a strong enough influence between the work environment on Employee Performance.


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