• Rakhimova Gulsanam Ashirbekovna Researcher (Teacher), National University of Uzbekistan (Tashkent)
Keywords: The Worldview of Children, Literature, Translation, Transmission, Influence, Psychology


In this article are analyzed the world view of children in French literature during the last centuries and his transmission into Uzbek translations in a comparisons with other works of centuries with allow to establish the differences in the lives of children as well as the imagination of today's children. In particular, for the nineteenth century is chosen “Without family”, written in 1878, one of the most famous novels of Hector Malot and “Mondo and other stories” of JMG Le Clézio, published in 1978, exactly a century after “Without family”. Also, is analyzed the reproduction of French reality words in Uzbek translations as well as to study other translation problems that translators may encounter during their work. For this purpose is chosen the originals of Ch. Perrault's tales as well as their Russian and Uzbek translations in a comparisons of the Uzbek translations of tales by Ch. Minovarov, M. Kholbekov, T. Alimov, I. nZorov and A. Akbar. During the analyzes are revealed several functions of translation such as communicative, cultural common, knowledge-luminous, educational etc. The translation literature serves not only to spread knowledge about the world and man, but actively promotes the formation of the worldview, morale, taste, orientation of values in person, the creation of accurate reports between people, i.e. promotes the establishment of our political, aesthetic, moral and value to life.


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