• Dr. Vishal Thelkar Associate Professor, Indira school of Business Studies, Tathwade, Pune, India
Keywords: Video Game, Sociological, Psycological, Effect on Health, Positive Impact, Learning


Computer and video game has gain enough popularity among teenagers also in children which is alarming and raised concern about the impact it may have on the youngsters. The games have violent themes, coupled with their interactive nature, have led to accusations that they may be worse than televised violence in affecting children's antisocial behaviour. Addiction is one of the reason it might hamper the effect on health. Other allegations are that they have an addictive quality and that excessive playing results in a diminished social contact and poorer school performance. But how bad are video games? There are strong methodological reasons for not accepting the evidence for video games effects at face value This research focuses on what are the views of people towards the computer gaming and to identify the actual effects of computer games on high school students. This paper covers earlier studies on the same topic and their findings in literature survey To reach to the objective, responses from significant no of people taken with systematic design of questionnaire. At the end it covers and conclude the relation of different variables & the effect of games on students.


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Thelkar, V. (2018). IMPACT OF COMPUTER GAMES ON STUDENTS . International Journal of Engineering Technologies and Management Research, 5(6), 24-29.