• Dr.T. Navaneetha Assistant Professor in (MBA), AITS (Autonomous), Rajampet, Kadapa (Dist), India
  • K.Bhaskar Assistant Professor in (MBA), AITS (Autonomous), Rajampet, Kadapa (Dist), India
Keywords: Motivation, Performance, Productivity, Rewards, Workplace and Satisfaction


Employee motivation at work place is an important area in human resource management that contributes to the performance of the employees. Many organizations are planning new strategies and ways in order to safeguard their employees. Better motivators at work place makes the employees feel satisfied and put more efforts to increase the productivity and profitability of the company. The study analyses the opinion of employees on motivational factors at work place and basing on the response, the statistical tools like factor analysis and chi-square test are applied. The results of the study are very useful to every company which needs to manage its employees and make them satisfied at work place. The study helps in retaining the employees in the company for a long time.


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