• Agus Jamaludin Indraprasta PGRI University, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Firdaus Budhy Saputro Indraprasta PGRI University, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Ellin Karlina Indraprasta PGRI University, Jakarta, Indonesia
Keywords: Trade Mark, Purchase Decision


Trademarks will be a source of competitiveness that can last a long time and can be a producer of cash flow for the company in the long run. Products that have strong brands will be difficult to imitate because consumers' perceptions of value or certain brands will not be easy to create. Brands are signs in the form of images, names, words, letters, numbers of color arrangements, or a combination of these elements which has a distinguishing power and is used in the trading of goods and services. Whereas purchasing decisions are a process of integration that combines knowledge to evaluate two or more alternative behaviors and choose one of them. The method in this study uses the field reserch method to obtain primary data in the form of observations, interviews and questionnaires and the library reserch method to obtain secondary data in the form of library data from scientific works, thesis, thesis, dissertation and books relevant to the research title. The purpose of this research is to find out whether there is a trademark influence on purchasing decisions of Honda motorcycles. The results of his research are: For simple linear regression analysis the results are: b = 0.43, a = 18.28, then Y = 18.28 + 0.43 X. Correlation Test, the result: r = 0.56. The results of the coefficient of determination analysis = r2 = 31.36%. Hypothesis testing is to find out the significance of the trademark influence on purchasing decisions, namely the results t count = 2.866, as for t table with an error rate of 5% (0.05) sample of 20 people and the result is t table = 2.101, then t count is greater than t table then Ha is accepted and H0 is rejected, which means there is a significant influence between the trademark on the purchase decision of Honda motorcycles at PT Abadi motor, Indonesia.


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