• Dr. Oday Adnan Abdulrazzaq Civil Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Basrah University, Iraq
  • Ashraf Mahammed Khadhim Civil Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Basrah University, Iraq



Deep Beams, Light Weight Concrete, LECA, Opening in Beams


In this study experimental tests were conducted to investigate the behavior of reinforced
concrete deep beam with openings using lightweight concrete. The experimental program
involved of testing thirteen simply supported deep beam specimens which tested under static
two-point loads. Light expanding clay aggregate (LECA) was used to produce lightweight
concrete. Test variables were the shape and size of openings, reinforcement around the
openings, position of the openings and shear span to depth ratio. It was found that the
behavior of deep beams which made of lightweight concrete is similar to that made of normal
concrete. It was concluded that the ultimate load and the measured maximum deflection in
beams that have circular openings are larger compared to that have rectangular openings. At
the same time, the ultimate load decreased and the measured values of maximum deflection
increased with increasing the size of the openings in deep beams. Also, it was found that
providing steel reinforcement around the openings caused an increasing in the load capacity
of the tested beams. Decreasing the shear span ratio from 0.5 to 0.4 caused an increasing in
the ultimate load and the measured maximum deflection.


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Abdulrazzaq, O. A., & Khadhim, A. M. (2019). STUDYING THE BEHAVIOUR OF LIGHTWEIGHT DEEP BEAMS WITH OPENINGS. International Journal of Engineering Technologies and Management Research, 6(12), 89–100.